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Ice Cream Vans
The finest products for selling ice cream
Ice Cream Trailers perfect for every business need.


Small, quirky and highly effective sales tools!

Latest vehicles added

Ice Cream (Amar)

2003 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 208 CDi SWB Converted in 2008 – everything brand new Elec windows/mirrors/alloys/ reverse camera Carpigiani Van Uno soft ice cream machine

Mr Whippy (Zayaan)

2010 Mercedes Sprinter MWB with passenger seat layout Whitby Morrison Mondial conversion Rapida 2 soft ice cream machine Original gbg push pull fast freeze slush

Mr Whippy (Sabrina)

2000 Ford Transit SWB Cummins Mk23 conversion Carpigaini Van Uno soft ice cream machine 4 lid freezer Double chiller Whitby Morrison PPS Carpiginai/Whitby Spin FF

Mr Whippy (Shane)

Mercedes Sprinter SWB Whitby Morrison Carpigiani Van Uno soft ice cream machine 4 Lid freezer 2 door chiller MOT until Jan 2023 Private plate not

Vinceo Ices (Tony)

1996 Ford Transit 120 SWB Genuine Whitby Morrison Mk5 conversion Carpigiani Van 1 soft ice cream machine New Style R Pump with Metal Blade upgrade

Ice Cream (Azzy)

1992 J Reg Ford Transit 2.5Di Short wheel base Cummins built soft ice cream van Full cowl original Cummins coach-built van with complete double skin